Mergers & Acquisitions: Exponent Exchange brings together 200 female dealmakers for second annual event

“Trish Costello, founder and CEO of Portfolia, built a business with exactly this in mind. Portfolia is a dealmaking process for women and entrepreneurs that allows investors to help call the shots on companies and products they’d like to see enter the marketplace.

‘We have to take venture capital, shake it all up, turn it upside down, and create models that work for women. And by the way, we own half the wealth in the United States,’ said Costello. ‘For the first time ever in recorded history, we are powerful if we choose to use it. So let's do that — let’s use our financial power to get the companies we want.’”

OBSERVE The Odgers Berndtson Global Magazine: Investment Goes Along with Empowerment

“‘Unfortunately women-led or female-focused startups tend to be undercapitalized, which inhibits growth. Other companies swoop in, often male-led and typically better-funded, pick up their great ideas and take over the market,’ adds Trish Costello, CEO of Portfolia, an entrepreneurial investing platform designed for women.”

Forbes: Meet the Women Investors Supporting Early Women's Health Innovators

Trish Costello, Portfolia, Making A Bet On Women’s Health The Portfolia FemTech Fund focuses on emerging technologies, products and services improving women’s health throughout their lives. Portfolia is making strategic investments in high-potential opportunities that are both profitable and increase women’s wellbeing.

Costello insists that the biggest problem for femtech founders is that 94% of active capital is controlled by men: “They don’t always connect to the issues, and knowing the field is key as an investor. We need more women investors. As a founder, you should know the financial model behind your solution, find the right advisors, and approach investors with a track record in the space -don’t waste time with those that never invested in women or the space.”

xconomy: To Help Boost Female-led Startups, More Women Join Investor Ranks

Portfolia was recently featured in an article by xconomy on how women are building their own networks to challenge status quo in the tech industry and also invest in more women led startups.

Xconomy notes "Costello founded Portfolia six years ago, after 17 years at the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, where she founded its well-known Fellows program. “We’re deconstructing how venture capital works,” she says, noting that the modern VC industry was developed at a time when women couldn’t even take out loans on their own. “If we could organize it today, what would it look like?”

First Step Venture Partner Angela Jackson in Portland Tribune

Investment fund Portfolia announced it has added Angela Jackson of the Portland Seed Fund as a venture partner for its new fund called the FirstStep Fund.

Jackson will continue working with the Portland Seed Fund but will bring her expertise, along with four other partners spread across the country, to finding startups with a female angle: companies either founded or run by women or producing a product or service of particular interest to women.

Portfolia backed SellHound is addressing an untapped 20B Re-use market

What's our winning formula for investing in teams like SellHound who is addressing a 20B market with their disruptive resale app? Portfolia invests in capital efficient companies, with gender balanced teams in areas where women make markets. A huge congratulations to SellHound on launching the world's first secondhand marketplace search engine and making re-use more mainstream. We are proud to be part of your growth and look forward to sharing your product with our amazing network of market makers.

Read more about SellHound

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Forbes: How To Avoid The Three Worst Blunders Entrepreneurs Make In Pitching Investors

We are pleased to be included in a roundup of investing solutions that allow you to invest in opportunities that align with your values. According to Women 2.0, you can achieve social impact and financial returns by taking advantage of investment models that help you support the companies you want to see in your marketplace.

Funding for Woman-Led Companies Stalls in 2018

According to Fortune, funding for female founders stalled at 2.2% of VC dollars in 2018. They report that “all female founders put together received $10 billion less in funding than one e-cigarette company, Juul, took in by itself.”

According to reports by Pitchbook and All Raise, while the percentage of VC deals going to female founders has increased, the “bulk of large dollars are going to male-only founders,” with the 10 biggest deals of 2018 going to companies with male founders. The average deal size for a woman-led company was $5.9 million, a stark contrast to the $17.3 million average deal size for men.

Until we activate more female investors, this will not change.

Women 2.0 Says Portfolia Easily Allows You to Invest in Line with Your Personal Values

We are pleased to be included in a roundup of investing solutions that allow you to invest in opportunities that align with your values. According to Women 2.0, you can achieve social impact and financial returns by taking advantage of investment models that help you support the companies you want to see in your marketplace.

Using Your IRA to Invest in Portfolia Funds

Using Your IRA to Invest in Portfolia Funds

As a Portfolia Investor, you already target high-growth segments typically undervalued and overlooked by traditional investing approaches. With a self-directed IRA, you can take maximize your IRA by personally choosing the best investments for your retirement account.

According to Nerdwallet, “the two main reasons investors take on the risks of self-directed IRAs are to seek higher returns and greater diversification.”

MedTech Strategist: Portfolia’s FemTech Fund Activates a New Source of Investors

We are thrilled to be featured in MedTech Strategist in their Venture Capital Section on how Portfolia is activating a new source of investors.

“In focusing on underfunded sectors, particularly women’s health, Portfolia does have the opportunity to shape the healthcare landscape for women by helping innovative companies get the funding they need to get to market.“

A Customized 'Learn-By-Investing' Fund

A Customized 'Learn-By-Investing' Fund

Creating a catalyst for change by facilitating the emergence of women, minorities, and millennial investors for a more diverse investing landscape is exactly what Portfolia is seeking to achieve with its seventh fund, FirstStep. Designed for first-time investors with a tailored “learn-by-investing” experience, members are empowered to be as involved or hands-off as they prefer. The customized experience gives these investors the educational development they need, an engagement component similar to being an Angel investor, and the added protection of diversification in a venture fund.

2GO: Health Science, Angels, and Earthly Talent

For context, innovation in the health sciences happens everywhere. Yet, a distinct gap sits before our eyes. Investment firms avoid funding solutions to female health care issues. Run predominantly by men, the firms are ‘uncomfortable’ addressing such issues, even when they are likely to make exceptional returns on their investment.

“…A movement is happening to address this. Bands of women angel investment organizations are floating to help…Among these, Portfolia’s angels are most on a mission."

PR Newswire: Silicon Valley's Portfolia Closes First Women's Health Venture Fund

We are beyond excited by the huge growth that Portfolia has had this year and we are deeply grateful for the groundswell of dynamo women who see Portfolia as the answer, the action step and the smartest way to back the companies, the products, and the world they believe in! #FemTech #InvestTogether #MarketMakers. Read the full article here.

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Zooming in on Femtech: why investing in women’s health is a smart move.

Portfolia recently launched its sixth fund, which targets the Femtech space: female products and services that focus on improving women's health and wellness. These include smart breast pumps, health and wellness, vaginal rejuvenation and fertility-tracking devices. “From the very beginning, when we built Portfolia, it was all about activating women investors around the companies we want in the marketplace,” says Portfolia founder and CEO, Trish Costello. “We initially launched an active aging fund and found solutions to menopause, bladder control, and pelvic health. We started seeing all these opportunities that had little to do with old age and a lot to do with women’s health specifically.” And so Portfolia created the first Femtech fund in the nation to address this need, drawing on the expertise of doctors, scientists and healthcare investors to source deals and vet startups. Current investments include Joylux, a vaginal rejuvenation device; Madorra, a non-hormonal treatment to address vaginal dryness; and Sandstone Diagnostics, a fertility-tracking company.

Know Your Markets, Make Your Markets

Portfolia backed UnaliWear's Kanega Smartwatch Helps Elders Stay Independent

Featured in PC Magazine,  Jean Anne Booth shares the inspiration of the company...failing to find a fashionable tracker for her aging mother, she simply made one herself.  The Kanega watch  uses “medical alerts and operator call-back for falls panic and dementia-related confusion; and GPS for getting people home safely via jovial, step-by-step instructions.” This is a perfect example of women intimately knowing their markets, seeing a business opportunity and taking matters into their own hands to develop a winning solution.  Learn more about Unaliwear and their watch here

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