Rachel Sheinbein

rachel sheinbein cropped.png

Fund(s): Rising Tide Fund, Enterprise Fund
Location: San Francisco

Rachel Sheinbein is a lead investor in Portfolia’s Rising Tide Fund and the Portfolia Enterprise Fund.  In the Rising Tide Fund, she led the Rising Tide’s investment in Parrable and co-led its investment in Sandstone Diagnostics. She has led the investment in Juvo in the Enterprise Fund.  Rachel is the Founder of Makeda Capital, a public  markets fund backing Fortune 500 companies with women CEOs.

She and her husband are highly active angel investors, and early backers of AirBnB, Uber and Box among 40+ others. Previously, she was a Partner at CMEA Capital specializing in early investments in energy and materials. Ms. Sheinbein spent much of her career at Intel, working with a team on cutting edge waste water treatment and with a group that was shaping the industry in environmental metrics & treatment technology. She also led a group on strategy for IT in the supply chain.

After Intel, Ms. Sheinbein had the opportunity to consult for entrepreneurs in the sectors of solar, bio plastics and water. In addition to her work at CMEA, Ms. Sheinbein is a board member for Expanding Your Horizons (EYH), which encourages girls in math, science, engineering and technology. She has a Masters in Engineering from MIT and an MBA from University of Pennsylvania. Ms. Sheinbein’s undergraduate degree was chemical engineering.