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Portfolio Companies

Company Name CEO Location Amount Invested Pre-Money Valuation Date Invested Round Most Recent Valuation
Joylux Colette Courtion Seattle, WA $100,000 $15M August 2017 Convertible Note No Change
Kuli Kuli Lisa Curtis Oakland, CA $100,000 $20M December 2018 Equity No Change
Mi Padrino Kim Gamez Great Lakes, Midwestern US $50,000 $3M September 2018 Equity $7M
Sandstone Diag. (TRAK) Karen Drexler Livermore, CA $50,000 $16M December 2017 Equity $12M
Sellhound Suzanne Wouk San Francisco, CA $100,000 $5M August 2018 Convertible Note No Change
Tivic Health Systems Jennifer Ernst San Francisco, CA $100,000 $7M March 2018 Convertible Note $27M
Urbaneer Bruce Thompson Great Lakes, Midwestern, US $50,000 $3M March 2018 Equity No Change

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