We create investment funds backing entrepreneurial companies we want to see in the world


Our team diversifies your investment across 6-9 high-potential entrepreneurial companies in a fund you choose. You can be as involved or hands-off as you like. We bring our knowledge and networks to our investments and we all win when they succeed.

Give the Green-light



You want to back young companies, but it takes a lot of time and money to get started. We simplify the start-process for you. You choose your special focus, make one investment, and we lead the way.


With Portfolia investing, you're involved whenever you like: watching founders present, asking questions, joining deal teams, bringing your networks, or just sharing in the rewards. This is investing ... your way.



New research shows you need to invest in about 30 companies to be a successful entrepreneurial investor. We're tapped into the world's top investing and entrepreneurial networks, letting us scout companies that few hear about until it's too late to invest. We look at over 100 companies for each one we select to invest in.


We think investing is a collaborative experience. We're not just investing your money: we're creating an engaged community to grow companies, and we share in the returns. We create wealth and opportunity, enhancing our communities, the economy and the world. We train our daughters and sons to be catalysts, as well.


Why Portfolia funds?

We designed our funds the way we want to invest: With a special interest in appealing to women who own half of the wealth, buy the majority of products, but rarely invest in startup companies.


How Our Funds Work

Members invest in diversified funds comprised of multiple companies. Our team of lead investors review hundreds of companies before selecting investments for the fund. The diligence and selection process is transparent and educational. It is an engaging experience that brings entrepreneurs and investors closer together.


Fund Features


Learn to Invest

As a Portfolia member, we invest your money on your behalf -- there's nothing you need to do. But if you want to 'learn the ropes' -- source companies, watch founder pitches, learn deal terms or diligence processes -- you'll be surrounded by a supportive community.

Learn to Lead

Members can train to become lead investors in future funds. 


Industry-Focused Funds


Each fund is led by a national investing team experienced in that specific space. Members invest in funds aligned with their areas of interest and passion. For maximum diversification, members can invest in multiple Portfolia funds. 








Don't see your area of interest? Let's work together to create it!


Backing Innovative Companies

Portfolia Companies work relentlessly to bring break-through solutions to the world and provide returns to us, their investors.



An employee engagement solution that increase retention and productivity in high turnover jobs using cutting-edge behavioral science.

A medical device company with an innovative catheter that improves outcomes in cancer patients, now focused on pancreatic cancer.


Collects data direct from consumers
and aggregates it, to enable brands to
make product development and marketing decisions.


An over-the-counter male fertility test system that allows couples to measure, monitor, and improve sperm quality to boost chances of conception.


A deep-learning based sound recognition software platform that enables enterprise customers to build value through sound intelligence.

Family Concierge service for seniors and their families enabling them to stay in their homes longer and maintain their independence.


Wearable "On-Star for People" as we age with an easy-to-use speech interface. Discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering.

The first-ever digital identity platform that allows technology partners to maintain persistent track of users without third-party cookies.

A medical device for effective, non-hormonal treatment for vaginal dryness, improving quality of life after menopause.


An online marketplace for international specialty food that introduces consumers to incredible food products from around the world.

An authoring environment format that will be the world standard for digital, interactive, text-based content.

An innovative OTC medical device that restores, heals and rejuvenates a woman’s pelvic floor.

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