Money alone cannot activate opportunity. Knowing how to use it does. 


Create your investment Portfolia of innovative private companies to activate your influence. 
The Teams, Companies & Products you want in your future are ready to take the market.

Give the Greenlight.

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You start with one small investment and together we select 6-9 innovative young companies to back. Each year, you choose your special focus and invest in those funds, and we do the rest.  


You can be as involved as you want to be-- watching company founders present, sharing analysis, joining deal teams, or just reviewing investment reports.  It's always your choice.  



With your help, we scout the best new companies from around the world in each area. We focus our wider networks to determine the best investments  use our influence to build markets and create viral growth.  


We bring our unique knowledge, expertise and talents to the investing process, and benefit from the strengths of the greater community. For us, success as a collaborative venture is a lot more enjoyable. 



No matter how small your investment, your funds are spread over 6-9 top entrepreneurial companies per year.  This diversification provides the greatest opportunity for success as an investor.


When we step up as investors, we create wealth and opportunity, enhancing our families, communities, the economy and the world. We train our daughters and sons to be catalysts, as well.


You can combine your experience and wealth to fuel the Teams, Companies and Products you believe in and be rewarded when they succeed.


Starter Funds

Our Starter Funds provide a unique learn by investing opportunity. Each fund is led by a team of experienced investment leaders, committed to investing your funds at a competitive return while guiding  you in the basics of investing. You can test the water with confidence while knowing you’re surrounded by a like-minded community. 


Focus Funds


Successful investors are driven by passion and expertise. Our Focus Funds are designed to help you invest in your specific areas of interest. With the guidance of a small team of experts, we scout the best young companies from around the world and support them on their path to success. Together we make the markets we want to see in the world.








Don't see your area of interest? Let's work together to create it!

Portfolia Companies work relentlessly to bring breakthrough ideas into the World and the marketplace.




VOZ clothing empowers the ethnic culture of its artisan partners in Latin America and bridges skilled rural communities to urban fashion market opportunity through collaborative design.


Wearable "On-Star for People" as we age with an easy-to-use speech interface rather than buttons. Discreet support for falls, medication reminders, and a guard against wandering in a classically styled watch.



Travel the world for free with Magpie by exchanging your home or room with other trusted travelers in our network. Magpie changes the travel mindset making it feel like you are visiting a friend.



"Uber for After School" - KangaDo is a mobile service providing parents with access to trustworthy rides, childcare, playdates and more by connecting local micro-communities with pre-screened drivers & sitters


Customized nutritional plans for pets delivered directly to the home and sold exclusively by pet owners through a social selling model. Pawtree helps you take care of your pet the way you've always wanted to. 


A mobile marketplace for Parents helping expectant and new mothers and fathers through digital doctor apps that provide medically-sound health guidance, mom and baby health products and telemedicine services.


Are you an entrepreneur interested in becoming a part of the Portfolia family?


The Portfolia platform lets entrepreneurs profile their companies to investors globally and streamlines the fundraising process.  Portfolia welcomes innovative companies in the conceptual through growth stages, especially those where a national base of sophisticated and connected investors can impact success and build markets.


Greenlight the companies you want in the Marketplace. The effect of your investments on the world will reverberate with change year after year.



Start today and build your Portfolia for change.