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Portfolia Funds are led and advised by a team of exceptional, highly sophisticated and experienced investors. Best-in-class Venture Partners actively leverage their entrepreneurial networks and key domain knowledge to lead Portfolia investments. They focus on specific gaps in the market, source potential investments, select those with the highest potential for success, and monitor to our portfolio companies for success. Leaders in their respective communities, together they also constitute a cornerstone of the Portfolia member experience. They are the role models for our new model of investing, helping to deliver our signature “learn-by-investing” experience by making venture investing approachable and highly engaging for modern investors. The Portfolia Venture Partner Program offers our fund leaders national exposure, attribution, and recognition as domain experts and leading investors. They are regularly invited to speak on panels, attend events, and participate in major news features.

While Portfolia Venture Partner candidates must be experienced investors, we are committed to sourcing and developing the next generation of venture investors. Inexperienced but high-potential individuals interested in opportunities for investor training and development can begin by investing as a member of a Portfolia Fund.


Outstanding Portfolia Venture Partner candidates are selected to participate in the transformative opportunity to lead Portfolia’s investments. We seek experienced investors from across the U.S., including active angels, heads of angel groups, active and retired venture capitalists, and successful entrepreneurs. Venture Partners must be accredited and invest in their respective funds. Venture Partners are selected based on a combination of the strength of the following:

  • Investing Track Record

  • Domain Expertise

  • Collaborative Style

  • Nominations

  • Application

  • Interviews


Portfolia Funds invest over the course of about one year, during which Venture Partners commit approximately 6-8 hours per month, which are often complimentary to their existing investing activities. Following the active investing period, funds shift to a quarterly cadence. Venture Partner responsibilities include the following:

Leading Deals. Over the course of the year, source 9-12 venture-ready deals; lead diligence on 3-4 (with staff assistance), culminating in leading 1-2 investments for the year and on-going follow-up.

Deal Meetings. Participate in two 90-minute deal meetings each month by video: one for the fund’s Venture Partners and one Live Pitch video review during which companies present to the full membership; leading discussion and determining which move forward to diligence and investment; attendance at annual Investor Summit.

Ongoing Follow-up. Following active investment period, engagement in quarterly status and follow/coach 1-2 Portfolia Companies.

Education. Participate in 60-minute educational sessions several times each year.


Through Portfolia’s innovative fund structure, individual Venture Partners have the opportunity to leverage their personal investment practices while benefitting from a diversified, national portfolio approach. Venture Partners gain public recognition of and financial benefits around their success. Benefits include, but are not limited to, the following:

•Carry. 10% of each fund’s returns (half of the 20% fund carry) is divided among its respective Venture Partners.

National Footprint. Access high-value deals on a national stage.

Attribution. Recognition as a a global investment leader as a Portfolia Venture Partner, CrunchBase deal attribution, speaking engagements, and media opportunities.

Community. Interaction with other brilliant and engaged investors; access to accomplished global network.

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