Women 2.0 Says Portfolia Easily Allows You to Invest in Line with Your Personal Values


We are pleased to be included in a roundup of investing solutions that allow you to invest in opportunities that align with your values. According to Women 2.0, you can achieve social impact and financial returns by taking advantage of investment models that help you support the companies you want to see in your marketplace.

In their recent article, Women 2.0 says:

After selecting an industry focus such as SaaS, Organics, or FemTech, the Portfolia team diversifies your investment across ten high-potential, entrepreneurial companies. For accredited investors, this provides an uncommon amount of diversification in startups and young companies that is otherwise difficult to achieve. Portfolia is not only driven to increase the number of female angel investors, but their most recent industry-focused fund, the FemTech Fund, focuses on emerging technologies, products and services improving women’s health and wellness throughout their lives.

For more information on how you can make markets by investing in the companies, products and solutions you believe in, read more about Portfolia’s FirstStep Fund or sign up to attend one our upcoming FirstStep Fund introductory calls.