Forbes: Will 2016 Be The Year Of Rapid Innovation In Angel Investing?


What are the next innovations for online platforms for accredited investors? Some of the biggest financial innovators are leading the “accredited platforms” that have taken angel investing and venture capital to the internet. Getting online was only the first innovation.  Last year AngelList received a $400 million investment from Chinese investors, creating the largest ever international seed fund  and providing new funding opportunities for Chinese startups.  Onevest launched 1000 Angels, creating the “world’s largest digital-first, invitation-only investor network.”  OurCrowd brought a new level of marketing expertise to connect investors and startups throughout the U.S., Israel, and beyond.  And Portfolia brought together women investing in women – including a new way to educate new women angels through the Rising Tide Fund.  These are just a few of the many new ideas in this sector.  I’m expecting many innovations in 2016 from this clever group of leaders.