Voxeet received a term sheet for a $2.5M Preferred Round. They exceeded their 25-customer mark and maintains the goal of 50 customers for their Series A. Additionally Voxeet filed their first 2 provisional patents. Voxeet has reported ~$280K in the bank and their net burn is $85K per month (up 10%) since the Q2 update, which leaves them 5 months of runway. Their Committed Monthly Recurring Revenue is $64K. In Q3, 10 customers deployed, up from 5 in Q2. There are currently 14 total deployments and 5 on-hold. Voxeet is updating their UX Toolkit and are in talks with Deutsche Telekom, Kandy (Ribbon Communications), TalkDesk and UnlimitedConferencing to license the Voxeet toolkit for their own 3D conferencing App.