Portfolia Inc. Overview

Portfolia is an investment platform and a family of venture funds created to enable individual investors to diversify into up to 10 high-potential startups and growth companies. Portfolia is designed to engage the affluent, accredited investor seeking managed early-stage, or alternative private, investing. Its overall investment strategy is focused on investing primarily where modern investors – especially women, minorities, and millennials – make markets as buyers, builders, and influencers. While Portfolia’s strategy and member experience are designed to appeal especially to these communities, it is inclusive to all accredited investors.

The Managing Member believes women and minorities are underrepresented in the investor community, yet they possess the expertise, networks, and product and market knowledge to provide a competitive advantage as early-stage investors. It seeks to exploit this imbalance to generate significant financial returns on behalf of its investors. As a result, Portfolia achieves greater alignment between member investors and portfolio companies, thereby enabling substantially greater value-add to those companies post-investment.

Portfolia is especially interested in opportunities in high-growth segments. Its existing venture funds manage a portfolio of 25 companies, a sample of which is further described in Annex A, attached to the Memorandum. The performance of such investments in Portfolia’s existing network is not a guarantee of the performance of any future investments by the Portfolia FirstStep Fund™.

Portfolia FirstStep Fund Overview

The Fund is a generalist fund that plans to invest directly or indirectly in equity or equity-related securities of early-stage to growth stages companies across industries in the U.S. marketplace. The Fund intends to draw on the expertise, networks and market power of its members and advisors to help its Portfolio Companies succeed. Further, the Fund plans to invest collaboratively with other high-quality investment groups across the country. The Fund is targeting to raise a minimum of $500,000 and a maximum of $5,000,000, provided the maximum amount may be increased to up to $10,000,000 in the sole discretion of the Managing Member. The Fund seeks to have up to 249 accredited women and men as members and intends to invest in up to 10 Portfolio Companies in the space.

The Managing Member has established a highly beneficial network that enables Portfolia to identify opportunities and assemble business development resources that give the Fund a competitive advantage. The Managing Member anticipates that its relationship networks will generate potential investment opportunities from a wide variety of sources, including its angel networks, entrepreneurial support organizations, women’s entrepreneurship programs and networks, accelerators and incubators, venture capital networks, and universities. This includes its close ties to such organizations as the Society of Kauffman Fellows, the Angel Capital Association, the Angel Resource Institute, the Kauffman Foundation, Springboard Enterprises, Astia, Sand Hill Angels, Broadway Angels, and Golden Seeds, among many others.

In addition to a diversified portfolio of companies, investing members will benefit from an augmented learn-by-investing experience delivered through increased educational sessions, monthly pitch calls, and added opportunities for development throughout the year. Designed especially for first-time investors, the Portfolia FirstStep Fund will include additional educational content focused on the fundamentals of investing as members gain ongoing exposure to early-stage investing.

Investment Purpose

The Portfolia FirstStep Fund will consider a wide range of high-potential companies from earlier stage Seed to later growth stages. The FirstStep Fund – and Portfolia more broadly – aims to achieve greater strategic alignment between entrepreneurial companies, their most influential consumers, and their most valuable potential investors by accelerating the entrance of women, minorities, and millennials into the investing landscape. Thus the Fund will focus on solutions and markets where these investors have outsized and/or growing influence as consumers, thereby creating greater value-add and potential for success among the Fund’s portfolio companies.

The FirstStep Fund will invest with a preference for inclusive founding teams, selecting top potential investment opportunities from within each vertical. Areas in which the Fund may invest include technology, B2B software, active aging, artificial intelligence and data, media, advertising, fashion and beauty, entertainment, food and beverage, social, and other opportunities as determined by the Managing Member. The Fund will invest nationally with the intent to select the preferred companies in this space from a wide range of potential opportunities. The Fund will consider investments in companies across various stages of development, including but not limited to Seed through Series C.

The Portfolia FirstStep Fund is led and advised by a team of highly sophisticated, experienced investors who are leaders in their communities. The Fund provides a unique benefit by offering members an accessible entry into venture investing: quick diversification, a relatively low capital commitment, and an augmented “learn-by-investing” experience. Additionally, the Fund will utilize its advisors’ and members’ extensive networks and knowledge to focus on specific gaps and pain points in the market, to research potential company investments, to select those with the highest potential for success, and to add value to those in which the Fund invests.

The FirstStep Fund looks to maximize its return by prioritizing the following general criteria:

• Experienced teams, with a preference for inclusive and gender-balanced teams

• Large and growing markets

• Unique & defensible products/solutions

• Capital efficient models

• Strong potential for return

Across stages, the Fund intends to focus on the following:

• In early stage companies, the Fund will seek companies that are highly capital efficient, where the Fund can co-invest with other market experts and where its network of investors can add value.

• At later stages, the Fund will seek investing partnerships with marquee venture investment partners, who have de-risked the investment at the early stages, actively hold board positions and where the Fund’s diverse investor network adds a strategic benefit for growth.

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