Designed for First-Time Investors

Portfolia is radically changing the face of investing. Our modern take on the venture fund starts with a $10,000 minimum investment that is diversified into 10 high-potential companies over the course of a year by a team of renowned lead investors. The Portfolia FirstStep Fund™ is an accessible generalist fund, with additional education opportunities that are provided especially for first-time investors. You can join in our learn-by-investing calls, engaging educational events and community of accomplished women as much or as little as you like with our tailored investing experience. You are unique — we believe your investing experience should be too.

Focus on High-Growth Markets

Our overall investment strategy is focused on investing where women, minorities, and millennials make markets as emerging buyers, builders, and influencers. Portfolia is especially interested in opportunities in high-growth segments typically undervalued and overlooked by traditional marketplace and investing approaches. Women’s health ($40.6 billion market), LGBTQ travel ($211 billion market), and active aging ($100 billion market) are examples of growing markets that are traditionally ignored. While Portfolia’s strategy and member experience are designed to appeal especially to emerging investors, it is inclusive to all accredited investors. 

This FirstStep Fund will consider and invest in a wide range of high-potential companies from seed to growth stages. It will invest with a preference for diverse founding teams, selecting top potential investment opportunities from within each vertical, including B2B software, artificial intelligence, media, advertising, fashion and beauty, entertainment, food and beverage, healthcare, and other opportunities as determined by the fund’s leadership.  

Fund Leadership

The FirstStep Fund is led and advised by a team of highly sophisticated, experienced investors who are leaders in their diverse communities. Additionally, the Fund will utilize its advisors’ and members’ extensive networks and knowledge to focus on specific gaps and pain points in the market, to research potential company investments, to select those with the highest potential for success, and to add value to those in which the Fund invests.

Fund Features



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