Elizabeth Torres


Elizabeth Torres manages the coordination of funds at Portfolia. She is responsible for overseeing and managing the deal flow pipeline and is the liaison between the funds’ lead investors and its members. Elizabeth also carries out all other organizational details of fund coordination.  

Elizabeth is originally from Southern California and moved to the Bay Area to pursue her undergraduate degree in Economics at San Jose State. Elizabeth had the opportunity to be the frontline of decision making for students within the Department's student organization.  

Before working at Portfolia, Elizabeth worked at CNA Financial where she took on the role of a Commercial Technology Underwriter where she analyzed companies from various stages to consider for an insurance program. She developed partnerships amongst various clients, managed her pipeline to add to her portfolio, provided an in-depth risk analysis for potential companies, and facilitated a successful deal flow with clients. 

When Elizabeth is not busy hiking with her dog or enjoying walks on the beach, she is dedicated to providing Portfolia investors the best investing experience possible.