Using Your IRA to Invest in Portfolia Funds

As a Portfolia Investor, you are accredited and already target high-growth segments typically undervalued and overlooked by traditional investing approaches. With a self-directed IRA, you can maximize your IRA by personally choosing the best investments for your retirement account.

According to Nerdwallet, “the two main reasons investors take on the risks of self-directed IRAs are to seek higher returns and greater diversification.” A self-directed IRA is broader than a traditional or Roth IRA, allowing you to diversify your assets beyond stocks, bonds, and mutual funds. Anyone can open a self-directed IRA and diversify their investments* into nontraditional assets such as high potential startups and growth stage companies that are not yet publicly traded, using tax-deferred contributions and with tax-deferred growth. Portfolia is tapped into the world's top investing and entrepreneurial networks, letting us cherry pick the best companies to invest in. We look at over 100 companies for each one we select to invest in, and are already seeing returns in just 3 years.

Portfolia’s FirstStep Fund is led and advised by a team of highly sophisticated, experienced investors who are leaders in their communities. This group of nationally recognized investing experts leads investment diligence and selects and recommends investments. They are all experienced investors, domain experts, and are well known within the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

To learn more about how Portfolia can help you invest in top-performing companies that are changing the world, please sign up to attend our upcoming live video call or schedule a personal appointment with Nicole Berge, our investor relations associate.

*In accordance with SEC guidelines, no more than 5% of your investable assets should be invested into this higher risk category. Portfolia is not a registered broker, dealer, investment advisor, investment manager, or funding portal. Portfolia Inc. and Portfolia Managing Member do not give investment advice, provide analysis or recommendations. For accredited investors only.