The Power of Women Investing in Women

As many of you know, Portfolia believes the best way to support female entrepreneurs is to get more women investing in them. We’ve designed a smart venture investing platform to do just that.  We are not the only ones who think this.

Take a recent Globe & Mail article "Venture capital firms have a gender problem. Here’s how to fix it" by Michelle McBane, senior investment director at MaRS Investment Accelerator Fund, managing director of StandUp Ventures and Portfolia partner and thought leader. Michelle says, "We have to invest in female entrepreneurs. When female founders exit, many of them will recycle their capital and expertise back into the startup ecosystem." She adds,  "Investing in women entrepreneurs isn’t just the right thing to do, it’s also the smart thing to do." Much of what Michelle highlighted as a featured panelist at our recent "Market Makers" event in Toronto, Canada is covered in this article. Read more here.

Take action: As we opened our 6th venture fund, The Portfolia FemTech Fund, legislation changed allowing us to increase the number of investors in our funds from 99 to 249. This means more people investing in entrepreneurial companies, with the potential to make a much greater impact in our markets, while realizing uncommon returns. Join us!

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