Why Women are Demanding Venture Investing 3.0

Sometimes, if we're really fortunate, we find we're in the middle of something way bigger than ourselves — a movement, a promise of a shift that will impact lives now and well into the future.  

When women invest, shift happens. When we claim our investing power, we create a more innovative, vibrant and successful world.

Though we at Portfolia have worked to establish the language and infrastructure around Venture Investing 3.0, women around the world are the ones demanding it. Here's why:

The new venture investor is not one person, but a community.

She owns the buying decisions for 75% of VC-backed companies.

She intends to greenlight the companies she wants in the market and focus her networks on their success.

She expects to share in both outsized returns and impact when they succeed.

She is Venture Investing 3.0.