Autumn Carter


Autumn Carter manages growth at Portfolia, Inc. and focuses on aligning the company's short-term operations with its long-term growth strategy.

Prior to joining Portfolia, Autumn led Government Affairs and Content Marketing at OpenGov Inc., where she focused on aligning strategic content with the company's rapidly evolving market position, elevating the company's brand as a thought leader, and cultivating external relationships that helped the team communicate most effectively.

Amid the economic recession and recovery, Autumn served as the Executive Director of United States Common Sense, a CivicTech nonprofit focused on fiscal sustainability policy. Under her leadership, USCS developed and launched GovRank, the largest nationwide assessment of fiscal sustainability and its accompanying data platform. The organization's public sector financial and governance research has appeared in major media outlets throughout California and the United States.

Autumn studied Political Science at Stanford University, where she conducted and published academic research on public opinion survey methodology. Autumn specializes in digital operations, strategic communications, market positioning, creating data-driven systems, and relationship development.