A Unique Investing Experience

Entrepreneurial investing can be engaging, enjoyable and rewarding.  As a Portfolia member, we invest your money on your behalf -- there's nothing you need to do.  But if you want to 'learn the ropes' -- source companies, watch founder pitches, learn deal terms or diligence processes -- you'll be surrounded by a supportive community.   Portfolia Funds are built to work in your life.  


Some Portfolia Members Train to Become Lead Investors in Future Funds. 


Industry-Focused Funds


 When we invest in our areas of interest and passion, we're more successful investors.  That's why our annual funds are focused in a specific industry or theme. 

 Each fund is led by an national investing team expert in that specific space.   Many members invest in multiple funds each year. Some are invested in every Portfolia Fund for maximum diversification. Click on 'Get Started' above to see which funds are accepting members today.  








Don't see your area of interest? We're always building new portfolia's.  Let's work together to create it!