You want to back young companies, but it takes a lot of time and money to get started.  We simplify the start-process for you. You choose your special focus, make one investment, and we lead the way.  


With Portfolia investing, you're involved whenever you like: watching founders present, asking questions, joining deal teams, bringing your networks, or just sharing in the rewards.  This is investing ... your way.



We are tapped into the top investing and entrepreneurial networks in the world, letting us scout companies that few hear about until it's too late to invest.  We look at over 100 companies for each one we select to invest in.


We're not just investing a bit of your money; we're creating an engaged community using our dollars and influence to create and grow companies, and share in the returns.  We think investing is a collaborative experience, not war.  



New research shows you need to invest in about 30 companies to be a successful entrepreneurial investor.  We let you diversify, even with a small annual investment. This is how we combine our efforts to succeed.


When we step up as investors, we create wealth and opportunity, enhancing our families, communities, the economy and the world. We train our daughters and sons to be catalysts, as well.