You start with one small investment and together we select 6-9 innovative young companies to back. Each year, you choose your special focus and invest in those funds, and we do the rest.  


You can be as involved as you want to be-- watching company founders present, sharing analysis, joining deal teams, or just reviewing investment reports.  It's always your choice.  



With your help, we scout the best new companies from around the world in each area. We focus our wider networks to determine the best investments  use our influence to build markets and create viral growth.  


We bring our unique knowledge, expertise and talents to the investing process, and benefit from the strengths of the greater community. For us, success as a collaborative venture is a lot more enjoyable. 



No matter how small your investment, your funds are spread over 6-9 top entrepreneurial companies per year.  This diversification provides the greatest opportunity for success as an investor.


When we step up as investors, we create wealth and opportunity, enhancing our families, communities, the economy and the world. We train our daughters and sons to be catalysts, as well.